A little about me...

Beading truly is healing-
I discovered Beaded Art in 2021 while recovering from a full hysterectomy. I needed to keep my mind and hands busy while my body did the hard work of healing.
Beaded Art, with its unlimited color combinations, design possibilities, textures, sparkle and ability to add drama and flare to any occation has really fuled my creative spirit.

That creative spirit and love for the art is what inspired me to open my etsy shop. I want to be able to share what makes me happy with other in hopes that they to are uplifted.

I offer original designs that are inspired by the people i know, the places i visit, things that excite me or even something as simple as a sweater i saw someone wearing.

I am a non-indigenous beader. If you are looking to support indigenous bead artists message me and i can recommend some fantastic artists.
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